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Make your family's dinner something special with locally sourced fresh meat and homemade Amish goods. Frenell Livestock Company is a family owned and operated business in Aledo, IL. Our shelves are stocked with a wide variety of quality meats and canned goods. We also offer meat bundles so you can take home large quantities of food for a family reunion or party.

Support local businesses by shopping with us. We'll help you find whatever you need.

Benefit from the freshest locally sourced goods

Our store has everything you're looking for. We carry a variety of products, such as:

  • Locally sourced and ethically raised meats - including beef and pork grown on our farm
  • Meal specials (Coming Soon) - including pot roasts and other prepared meals
  • Amish goods - including canned goods, salad dressings and sauces

Find out for yourself why we're the go-to local meat market in the area. Visit our store today.

What makes Frenell Livestock Company special?

Our store takes pride in providing quality, farm-raised, fresh meats. We've been in the livestock production business for over six years, so you can count on us to provide hormone-free meats. Our market also focuses on supporting local businesses such as small Amish businesses by giving them an outlet where they can sell their farm-raised goods. If you can't find the products you're looking for in our store, our owner may be able to find them for you.

Call us at 309-230-2652 now to learn more about the locally sourced products we have to offer.